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Cowan Temperature.jpg
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ITL Is a full service environmental, mechanical, EMI, and electrical testing lab.

With over 30,000 square feet of testing facility, ITL has the expertise and capacity for your next testing project .

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Cowan AltitudeDecompression.jpg
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Environmental Testing

Temperature / Humidity
Temperature Variation
Combined Environment Temp / Altitude / Humidity
ARINC 600 Draw-Through & Blow-Through Temp Testing
Altitude / Decompression / Overpressure
Vibration / Shock
Sine / Random / Sine on Random / Resonance Search
Gunfire / SRS / Fixture Survey Evaluation
Acceleration / Crash Safety
Sand / Dust
Fluid Susceptibility / Fluid Contamination
Waterproofness / Blowing Rain
Salt Fog / Spray
Hydraulic / Pneumatic 
Load Testing / Cycling 
ESS Testing

Battery Testing

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Cowan Temperature.jpg
Y Axis (2).JPG

EMI Testing


AF Conducted Emissions 
Induced Signal Susceptibility 
RF Conducted Susceptibility 
RF Radiated Susceptibility 
Emission of RF energy Cat
Electrostatic Discharge 
Lightning induced Transient Susceptibility  Inrush Current
Power input  
Current Harmonics
Load switching transients
Audio frequency Conducted Susceptibility
Dielectric and Insulation Resistance


Engineering and Tooling

Full design and machine shop for custom and complex fixtures and tooling

Customized Testing

ITL specializes in providing custom testing. Let us help you with designing your next R&D project.

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